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Bulk Feed Body Trucks

Standard Models






#400 – Belt





#4034 – Chain





#5012 – Auger

Standard Models

9″ X 12″ X 9″

Lower Clearance

High Cube Models

9″ X 12″ X 9″

Allows Larger Payload

High Output Models

11″ X 14″ X 11″

Faster Discharge Rate

Each truck is made with a one piece top loading door for easy opening and continuous loading. The door can be fully opened from the ground useing a hand crank or pneumatic control.

Trucks come standard with a one piece manifold block system and electronic controls specifically manufactured for these high pressure systems.

Custom Models

MGRF can design and build the perfect truck to fit your every need. We can include custom features that you need based on the product you haul or the experience you have had.

Ask how we can help you become better at what you do best with our custom made equipment.